Buying Second-hand

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If you’re buying a second-hand electrical product, you will not be offered the same protection that you would be if buying new from a trusted retailer or manufacturer, there is very little regulation in place to protect you.  From old products with worn out components and lacking essential modern safety features to recalled white goods, when buying and selling it can be all too easy to forget about safety. But you can carry out some simple checks:

  • Make sure that the product is not subject to a recall by using our Product Checker. The seller might not know if a recall notice has been issued, so do not assume that it is safe.
  • Never buy a second hand electrical product from an individual private seller – your legal rights are minimal. Buy from an established and reputable business seller.
  • As with counterfeit products, don’t rely on online reviews, these can be faked!
  • Check that the product comes with all the necessary instructions and parts.
  • Finally – ask the seller if it is safe to buy, have had a Portable Appliance Test carried out on the product? If they won’t say – walk away!

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