The Electrical Industries Charity to offer virtual mental health training course

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The Electrical Industries Charity is launching a Mental Health Virtual Training Course.

In times of crisis, communities strengthen and work together to support each other.  The electrical industry is an industry in community. The virtual training will offer you and your team a space to reconnect, the opportunity to engage with the topic of mental health and help in tackling new daily challenges resulting from COVID-19. The training will also allow you to learn how to support your own mental health while acquiring skills to help colleagues, friends and family during these uncertain times.

The course will cover:

  • Highlights and explains some of the common mental illnesses and disorders
  • How to spot the signs of mental ill health in employees/colleagues/friends/family
  • Interactive discussion about COVID-19 and how to engage in self-care
  • Which steps to take (remotely) if you spot the signs of somebody with mental ill health
  • How to approach the conversation with an employee suffering from mental ill health
  • Remote strategies a manager can use to support employee mental ill health
  • What to do in self-isolation if somebody is self-harming/suicidal
  • Opportunity for complex case discussion
  • Challenging work-life cultures and how to cope with working from home
  • Maximum of 6 participants
  • Cost of course is £25 per person for an hour session.

Find out more information and register for the course by clicking here

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